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The Healthy Schools Scheme is a Welsh Assembly Government Initiative, which aims to actively promote and protect Health. 

This includes all aspects of Health: physical, emotional, and mental and social, and the wellbeing of the whole school community.

Ysgol Gellifor actively encourages a healthy lifestyles education.  We achieve this in many ways and have been awarded the Healthy School Status.

Well-being is at the heart of everything that we do at Ysgol Gellifor. Our pupils' well-being is measured through observations of pupil's involvement and interaction, monitoring of our "worry boxes" and discussions as part of circle time during lessons.

The PSE Framework states that 'In addition to understanding positive health choices, learners should be aware of the potential risks of the use and misuse of legal and illegal substances.'

As part of the curriculum, our pupils learn about the dangers of:

  • Tobacco

  • Alcohol

  • Legal and illegal drugs

​External providers such as PC Llinos (PCSO Community Police), also leads sessions with both our Infant and Junior pupils.