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Coding and Computing

Spring Term 2: This half-term we will be covering:

  • Maths: Area, Perimeter, Co-ordinates, Translation, Fibonacci, and Famous Mathematicians  
  • English: Our focus this half term is Newspaper Reports, Letter Writing, Recipes and Poetry
  • Topics: Coding & Computing, and Minecraft
  • Science: Reversible and Irreversible Changes          
  • RE: Christianity – Community       
  • PSHE: The Barnabus Project
  • Art: Japanese Art/Anime
  • PE: Drumba  
  • Welsh: Hugan Fach Goch – Story Writing
  • Spanish: School                                          
  • Music: 10 Pieces                         
  • Computing: Coding and Decoding, Algorithms, Scratch Programming and Binary Codes