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LCS 2 - Honor Pedican

After a successful first year, we are now ready to embark on a new and exciting Lead Creative School Project with Honor Pedicam.


“It’s often important to slow things down a touch in schools when learning something new, like making King Arthur’s treasure, for Moel Arthur mountain. So that children can watch and think about the demonstration, then make choices about how they are going to tackle the given brief. Time to experience the new or unfamiliar materials, techniques, and processes. To understand this, the school are allowing this brilliantly. I’m also very aware of the co-teaching here, as teachers actively seek additional stories, books, and links. They jump into teaching about these new finds with enthusiasm, enriching the creative journey in all directions. They are open to how I’m imagining things working (e.g., the carousel of activities) and tweaking things slightly, more informed by individual students etc.” Honor Pedicam, February 2022.