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Pupil Voice

Planning Together!


In the Junior class, we use Pupil Voice to guide our topic choices and our learning. At the beginning of each term we all sit down together and discuss what topics interest us and what we would like to develop our knowledge of and learn more about. Once we have chosen our topics for each half-term, we then add more detailed ideas.


The Planning Process - Pupil Voice

We start thinking about what we would like to learn about each term.

We go through each slide and write our name next to any topics that interest us, and then we add in any other ideas of our own.


We look at a selection of topics that may interest us, and if they do we write our name down next to them.

We list a selection of topics that interest us, and add all of our learning ideas for each chosen topic. Once we have given our input, the teacher will use this to guide the planning and create a topic plan which includes different areas of learning.


See below for an example of one of our first Topic Plans - Animals.