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LCS 3 - Toria Collins

Ysgol Gellifor are very excited to start their 3rd year of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme with Creative Practitioner, Toria Collins. The Junior class are very excited to work with Toria as well as the local community to develop their outdoor area to make it an amazing area for the children, the community, the environment and wildlife.


The Lead Creative Schools project is about embedding change across Wales’ primary, secondary, and special schools as they implement and embed Curriculum for Wales. The scheme focuses on creative learning pedagogy and curriculum design. At the heart of this strand is recognising the importance of nurturing the creativity of teachers and learners in Wales. 


Working with Toria Collins, Creative Practitioner and our Superhero!

Lead Creative Schools Creative Practitioner, Toria Collins, joined Dosbarth 2 to discuss their ideas about developing their outdoor area. The budding landscape designers had ideas in abundance and Toria worked with them to help bring their ideas to life!


First, the children took Toria on a tour of the school grounds to show her where they wanted to improve, before heading back to the classroom to discuss their ideas and create a timeline for the developments.

There was talk of Wigloos, Hedgehog Houses, a Maze, an Observation Station to track the local wildlife and so much more.


Everyone is so excited to get to work on the developments.

Organising ideas

Another fantastic day for Dosbarth 2 during our Lead Creative School Project with the amazing Creative Practitioner, Toria.  The day started with the children making their own creative learning passport, before spending the day outside as Nature Detectives.The children used their senses to identify the local wildlife recording their evidence through drawing and filming. At the end of the day, they set up a night camera so they can investigate the nightlife within the school grounds!

Nature Detectives

Building the wigloo!