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Jelly Investigation

Jelly Cube Investigation.

As part of their Properties and Materials topic this half term, Dosbarth 2 set up their own investigation to test the dissolving time of jelly cubes.

Each group was given a Challenge Card to conduct a fair test and record their findings. Each group were asked to test the following statements:


Challenge A: Does the size of the jelly cubes affect the dissolving time?

Challenge B: Does the volume of water used affect the dissolving time?

Challenge C: Does the number of jelly cubes used affect the dissolving time?

Challenge D: Does stirring the mixture affect the dissolving time?

The children chose the equipment they needed to conduct their fair test and recorded their results to discuss their findings together at the end of the investigation.

There were a few jelly cubes left over, so the children had no other option but to eat them! 😊