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Meet The Experts!

'Meet the Experts!' is an opportunity for the children to take control of the classroom for one hour and teach a lesson they feel passionate about to the rest of the class.

'Meet the Experts!'

Save Our Planet! A lesson taught by Rhiannon, Year 4.


This afternoon the Juniors started their 'Meet the Experts!' sessions with Rhiannon, Year 4, who planned her brilliant lesson on how we can Save Our Planet - and what a wonderful lesson she taught too!

Rhiannon started her lesson by discussing how Our Planet needs our help. She asked the class to work in pairs to think about how we can all help. They discussed everyone's ideas as a class once they had finished writing them all down.

They then read the book, The Planet in a Pickle Jar by Martin Stanev, and discussed what things they would preserve in a pickle jar that would help the future of our planet.

The children decided they would start by helping their local area... Think Global, Act Local! So, armed with rubber gloves, a litter picker and bin bags they took a walk around the local village to do some litter picking!

They also popped into the Community Garden to tidy up any rubbish lying around in there.

We met a few people we knew along the way.

Finally, it was time to head back to school to see how much they had helped.

What a wonderful lesson Rhiannon taught!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and are now eager to have their own 'Meet the Experts!' session!

Meet the Experts!

The Art of Skipping and French Skipping.

Taught by Megan Kneale, Year 4.


A HUGE Well Done and Thank You to Megan this week, who has worked so hard to plan and teach her Meet the Experts lesson to the class. Over the last couple of weeks Megan has been planning a fun lesson on skipping and the art of French Skipping.

Meet the Experts! Megan Kneale, Year 4. The Art of Skipping and French Skipping

Megan started the lesson by talking about the benefits of exercise and then she introduced us to lots of different rhymes for French skipping.

Then, it was off to the field to carry out the activities she had prepared. There were lots of giggles, but most importantly there was lots of fun had by everyone! 😄

Well done, Megan! 👏🏻 Everyone loved your Meet the Experts lesson.

Meet the Experts!

Healthy Eating.

Taught by Penny Kinsey, Year 3.


A HUGE Well Done and Thank You to Penny this week, who has worked so hard to plan and teach her Meet the Experts lesson to the class. Over the last couple of weeks Penny has been planning a wonderful and fun lesson on Healthy Eating, where she also baked healthy sweet treats with the class.

Take a look!

Meet the Experts - Penny

A HUGE Well Done to Penny for her wonderful lesson this morning on Healthy Eating. She planned 3 activities where the children identified the different food groups, before designing their own healthy meal.

Next, Penny had planned for the class to bake their own healthy flapjacks and oatcakes. They used their Maths skills to weigh out the ingredients, before mixing them all together.

The delicious smell around the school made everyone hungry

I can't even begin to explain how delicious the finished products were! We all tucked into them once they'd been baked.

Well done to everyone for such a great effort... but a VERY well done to Penny for teaching such a wonderful session

Also, a very special 'Thank You' to Penny's Mum for bringing in all the ingredients and for spending the morning in class to help with the baking. ALL the children loved it and said it was the BEST lesson EVER!


'Meet the Experts!'

Friendship. A lesson taught by Isabelle, Year 3.

What another wonderful morning we had in class, when Isabelle took control of the classroom with her Meet the Experts lesson. Isabelle chose to make Friendship Bracelets, where she started off her lesson with the 'Kindness' activity. Each child wore a post-it note on their back, whilst the rest of the class went around and wrote words of kindness on the note. During the discussion afterwards, the children explained how happy the comments made them feel!

Then, Isabelle discussed the ingredients needed to make a good friend, before asking the class to write their own Friendship Recipes They all wrote really thoughtful recipes ranging from Best Friend Biscuits to Chocolate Friendship Fudgecake!

Next, Isabelle demonstrated how to make a Friendship Bracelet by plaiting together three choices of coloured wool. Once the children had finished plaiting their bracelet, they chose a selection of beads to decorate it with. Everyone chose a friend to give the bracelet to when they had finished making them.

Everyone loved the bracelets that had been made for them and asked to wear them all day. During the afternoon the children then went on to write their own Acrostic Poem using ICT about their friend.

Very Well Done for such a fun and thoughtful lesson Isabelle!

I'm so proud of you - everyone loved it!